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In addition to providing petroleum transportation services, PT Pelnas Wibowo Bersaudara is prepared to assist you with tugboat and barge rentals. We have a committed and capable crew in addition to a fleet of contemporary, dependable ships.

Efficient Vessel Services for Ocean Shipping

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Tugboat and Barge

We can make large-scale deliveries of bauxite, coal, oil, split stone, and other materials using our tugboats and barges.


We have a fleet dedicated to shipping lines for more reliable transportation.

Oil Transport

We send oil/B30 HSD across the sea using our special fleet to the eastern part of Indonesia.


A brief description of our shipping company

Wibowo Bersaudara National Shipping (PWB) has a distribution network throughout all of Indonesia to serve your company's needs for sea transportation services by tugboat & barge / pontoon (barge) as well as fuel transportation services by Self Propelled Barge Ships & Tankers.

Routine Maintenance

Consistently perform tugboat and barge maintenance by closely monitoring the docking schedule to ensure our fleet is in top condition.

Discipline in Administration

Prioritize effective and efficient performance by ensuring the validity of ship documents on a regular basis.

Operational Procedures

Maintain engine durability and operational comfort by using high-quality fuel obtained from authorized distributors.

Our commitment to providing xcellent service

Bulk / Non-Bulk Transportation

This cargo is transported using 230 ft, 270 ft, 200 ft, and 330 ft barges towed by a tugboat.

Transportation of Fuel Oil and Related Materials

Self-propelled oil barges (SPOB) and tankers are used for this type of cargo transportation.


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